Incredible Designer Long Gold Necklace Ruby Emerald Stones Jewellery Online NL22320

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Incredible Designer Long Gold Necklace Ruby Emerald Stones Jewellery Online 

Lot of models in haram collections available online and in stores, but while looking to buy delicate small size white cz sparkling stones, most of them made with slightly bigger and less dazzling stones. Presenting the new premium designer long gold necklace with high quality shiny cz stones with pear shape ruby and emerald stones suitable for party wear and goes well with silk sarees and combines with diamond necklace designs also.

Designer long gold necklace with oval shape pendant manufactured in south india are inspired from real gold catalogue models and the plating quality is meant for party or occasional wear only. After a period of time, if need arises it can be plated again.

A simple calculation to show how cheaper this jewellery is, consider a similar size designer long gold necklace to make in real metal gold might require atleast 60 to 70 grams and at prevailing prices it might cost close to Rs. 3 Lakh.

Designer long gold necklace is best to be worn in imitation or one gram gold as it is not safe to wear such high cost jewellery outdoors. The making charge even if its just 10% of gold, might cost more than twenty thousand rupees. 

  • Total length of the necklace is 17 inches (8.5 inches on both sides)
  • Width of the necklace is 6 mm
  • Height of the pendant is 53 mm and width is 39 mm
  • Height of the earrings is 65 mm and width is 25 mm
  • Earrings has press type lock.
  • Chemicals and perfumes to be avoided either directly or indirectly for long colour life.
  • For More designs of similar jewellery, please visit the URL here....
  • Designer long gold necklace is made from copper and brass mix alloy and the manufacturing process is similar to what is done in real gold and stones are equal to those used in precious gold haram.
More Information
Design Traditional Jewellery
Stones Used CZ/American Diamond
Material Copper/Brass
Stone Colour Multi Colour
Plating Colour Light Gold AD
% of 100
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