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  1. Manga Malai Chain Necklace One Gram Gold New Fashion Traditional Jewellery NL21980
    As low as ₹1,199.00
  2. Manga Malai Silk Thread Designer Necklace Set Antique Jewellery Online NL14811A
    As low as ₹2,499.00
  3. Floral Silk Thread Fashion Necklace Set Never Before Prices Online NL14934A
    As low as ₹2,204.00
  4. Silk Thread Embellished Designer Necklace Set Gorgeous Jewellery Bridal NL14944A
    As low as ₹2,204.00
  5. Glorious Silk Thread Jewellery Latest Fashion Broad Necklace Set NL14924A
    As low as ₹1,889.00
  6. Diamond Finish Jewellery Set For Wedding CZ Designer Necklace With Jhumkas NL18594A
    As low as ₹2,624.00
  7. Kasumalai Online Low Budget Lakshmi Temple Coin Necklace Gold Plated NL14061A
    As low as ₹524.00
  8. Jewel Set For Wedding Gorgeous Nagas Antique Gold Plated Jewellery Designs NL14320A
    As low as ₹3,499.00
  9. Divine Guttapusalu Matte Kasumalai Temple Jewellery Indian Collections NL14652A
    As low as ₹1,599.00
  10. Arumbu Model Gold Necklace Design For Home Functions and Simple Occasion NL15411A
    As low as ₹899.00
  11. Ravishing Gold Necklace Design Marquise Stones Indian Fashion Jewellery NL15456A
    As low as ₹944.00
  12. A Real Deal Mango Necklace Set With Broad Jhumka and Pearl Pendant NL15318A
    As low as ₹1,699.00
  13. Kasumalai Collections Antique Temple Coin Necklace At Lowest Prices NL15502A
    As low as ₹699.00
  14. Divine Necklace Set Lord Krishna Pendant Temple Jewellery Antique Collections NL15329A
    As low as ₹1,499.00
  15. Special Online Offer ! Designer Necklace Set With Jhumka Snazzy Collections NL15320A
    As low as ₹1,299.00
  16. Classy Stone Necklace Set Trendy Stud Earrings Designer Jewellery Online NL16064A
    As low as ₹1,469.00
  17. Kerala Style Fashion Jewellery Arumbu Necklace Design Gold Plated NL15696A
    As low as ₹1,199.00
  18. Delicate Gold Necklace Design South Indian Fashion Jewellery Low Price NL15460A
    As low as ₹734.00
  19. Chota Size Beads Layered Necklace Set Charming Antique Jewellery Online NL18517A
    As low as ₹899.00
  20. Manga Malai Online Antique Necklace Set With Jhumka and Maang Tikka Offer Price NL18534A
    As low as ₹999.00
  21. Marvelous Kal Necklace Bridal Temple Jewellery Gold Design Coin New Fashion NL16926A
    As low as ₹2,414.00
  22. Beautiful Jewellery Set For Wedding Fancy Coin Necklace Matte Finish Collections NL17019A
    As low as ₹2,309.00
  23. Latest Gold Necklace Designs Gorgeous Antique Jewellery Online NL16989A
    As low as ₹3,464.00
  24. Gorgeous Bridal Coin Necklace Set Choker Style Kasumalai Temple Jewellery Online NL18288A
    As low as ₹3,254.00
  25. Sophisticated Peacock Necklace Set Pleasing Gold Jewellery Design Online NL18749A
    As low as ₹1,784.00
  26. Elegant Gold Necklace Design Peacock Matte Jewellery New Fashion Online NL19318A
    As low as ₹1,889.00
  27. Impressive Layered Necklace Designer Temple Jewellery Mugappu Side Locket Online NL18783A
    As low as ₹1,994.00
  28. Graceful Lord Ganesha Pearl Temple Necklace Set Wedding Jewellery Collections NL18172A
    As low as ₹3,799.00
  29. Timeless Temple Jewellery Set Indian Kasumalai With Jhumkas Online NL19157A
    As low as ₹1,899.00
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Items 1-32 of 991

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Gold Plated Necklace Online

Gold plated jewellery is now the choice of women in the 21st century. And specially, any woman’s jewellery box is incomplete without a gold plated necklace, one gram gold necklace sets, and a diamond necklace set! And, Jewelsmart is your one-stop shopping destination for all types of gold plated necklace set!

Get the gold plated necklace online on Jewelsmart, enjoying the comfort of your home and browsing thousands of designs of 1 gram gold necklace.

1 Gram Gold Necklace For Every Occasion

Are you wondering what getup to have in your upcoming party or a wedding to attend? The choice of one gram gold necklace can never go wrong.

Ladies, glam up your outfit, be it chic or traditional, with the gold plated necklace set, 1 gram gold necklace set, or the pearl necklace set! You are going to be a hit among the crowd with your graceful yet trendy look.

Even if it is no occasion, but simply your white t-shirt or a white kurta, the correct piece of jewellery can make a statement. Turn eyes on you with those diamond necklace set and up your game a notch higher!