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  1. Beads Model Temple Jewellery Designer Collection Pendant Earrings Matte Finish PS16623A
    As low as ₹1,399.00
  2. Pendant Set Temple Artificial Jewellery Gold Catalogue Designs Online  PS19387A
    As low as ₹1,399.00
  3. Pendant Set Artificial Jewellery Collections Temple Lowest Price Online PS17728A
    As low as ₹399.00
  4. Guttapusalu Necklace Online Shopping Traditional Coin Kasulaperu Haram NL13514A
    As low as ₹2,519.00
  5. Designer Temple Jewellery Collection Matte Finish Long Necklace Antique Gold Online NL14290A
    As low as ₹3,149.00
  6. Ganesh Pendant Gold Long Necklace Design Floral Chain Jhumka Matching Earrings NL21883
    As low as ₹3,499.00
  7. Traditional Coin Necklace Pearl Guttapusalu Temple Jewellery Collections Online NL21876
    As low as ₹1,999.00
  8. Pearl Imitation Jewellery Temple Collections Beautiful Long Necklace For Wedding NL21778
    As low as ₹3,999.00
  9. Gold Coin Necklace Set With Screw Back Jhumka Original Kemp Jewellery Online NL19040
    As low as ₹1,299.00
  10. Traditional Kasulaperu Designs Antique Jewellery Set Temple Collections Latest NL19352
    As low as ₹1,899.00
  11. Temple Jewellery Coin Haram Long Necklace Set Beautiful Imitation Collections NL21741
    As low as ₹2,099.00
  12. Pearl Temple Jewellery Baahubali Style Laxmi God On Elephant 3D Pendant Set NL21738
    As low as ₹3,999.00
  13. Lord Krishna 1 Gram Gold Temple Jewellery Pendant Sets Latest Collections PS21735
    As low as ₹2,199.00
  14. 1 Gram Gold Temple Jewellery Pendant Sets Real Kemp Collections Online PS21734
    As low as ₹1,449.00
  15. Temple Jewellery Gold Design Small Pendant Set One Gram Imitation Collections Online PS21631
    As low as ₹1,499.00
  16. Ram Durbar Temple Long Necklace South Indian Haram Traditional Jewellery NL21326
    As low as ₹3,699.00
  17. Temple Choker Necklace For Wedding Antique Gold Design Collections NL21324
    As low as ₹8,599.00
  18. Sangu Vinayagar Temple Necklace Antique Beads Jewellery Lord Ganesh NL21279
    As low as ₹1,399.00
  19. Traditional Jewellery Beaded Temple Long Necklace for Wedding Sarees Latest Imitation NL21277
    As low as ₹3,999.00
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Items 1-32 of 131

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Temple jewellery sets add the grace and poise in a women dressed in traditional attire. Temple jewellery goes back to the time of Chola and Pandya dynasty in 9th century.

Such graceful template jewellery sets that are a combination of tradition, history, and fashion, can be purchased from only Jewelsmart.

History of Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery Necklace were used to decorate the idols of Gods and Goddesses in the temple in olden days. These traditional temple jewellery was then adopted by the classical dancers gradually to add the spirit of divinity to their getup.

However, nowadays, women love to wear temple jewellery in the form of temple jewellery sets, temple jewellery necklace, mangalsutra, gold plated jewellery, etc.

Temple Jewellery Necklace at Jewelsmart

Jewelsmart offers temple jewellery necklaces in various designs that you can choose from. Women love our collection because we offer a one stop shopping destination for jewellery for any type of occasion!

Even if you are doing your bridal trousseau shopping, we have the collection of temple jewellery for the bride-to-be!