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  1. Grandiose Designer Temple Jewellery Lofty Choker Necklace With Jhumka Earrings Online NL23295
    As low as ₹4,399.00
    • Sale!
    Monumental Temple Jewellery Tremendous Long Necklace Ideas Gold Competition NL23232
    As low as ₹7,499.00
  2. Popular Temple Jewellery Models Dollar Chain for Ladies Kemp Stones PS22933
    As low as ₹899.00
  3. Ram Darbar Coin Necklace Temple Jewellery With Beads Gold Antique Designs Online NL22966
    As low as ₹3,399.00
  4. Divine Lord Shiva Lingam Pendant Temple Jewellery Necklace Set Traditional Designs Online NL22913
    As low as ₹1,999.00
  5. Kharbuja Beads Temple Jewellery Set With Pearls Latest Low Price Necklace Online NL22852
    As low as ₹799.00
    • Sale!
    Gajri Chain Beads Temple Necklace Set With Jhumka Earrings Handcrafted Imitation Jewellery NL19163
    As low as ₹1,499.00
  6. Admirable Handcrafted Designer Temple Jewellery Set from Reputed Manufacturers NL19151
    As low as ₹1,799.00
  7. Breathtaking Temple Jewellery Haram Nagas Mugappu Stone Chain For Bride NL22671
    As low as ₹5,699.00
  8. Divine Lord Ganesha Long Gold Necklace Bridal Antique Jewellery Online NL22670
    As low as ₹6,999.00
  9. Lord Ganesha Temple Jewellery Haram Mango Pendants Kemp Long Necklace NL22648
    As low as ₹3,999.00
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Items 1-32 of 188

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Temple jewellery sets add the grace and poise in a women dressed in traditional attire. Temple jewellery goes back to the time of Chola and Pandya dynasty in 9th century.

Such graceful template jewellery sets that are a combination of tradition, history, and fashion, can be purchased from only Jewelsmart.

History of Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery Necklace were used to decorate the idols of Gods and Goddesses in the temple in olden days. These traditional temple jewellery was then adopted by the classical dancers gradually to add the spirit of divinity to their getup.

However, nowadays, women love to wear temple jewellery in the form of temple jewellery sets, temple jewellery necklace, mangalsutra, gold plated jewellery, etc.

Temple Jewellery Necklace at Jewelsmart

Jewelsmart offers temple jewellery necklaces in various designs that you can choose from. Women love our collection because we offer a one stop shopping destination for jewellery for any type of occasion!

Even if you are doing your bridal trousseau shopping, we have the collection of temple jewellery for the bride-to-be!