We can ship to International Locations too. 

New Shipping Methods:

Recenty we have signed up with few private couriers for low price shipping compared to earlier methods. These are available to choose online but the charges we collect online are only for the first 500 grams.  Due to practical difficulty in saving correct product weight due to size issues, Jewelsmart collects shipping charges only for the first 500 grams. Incase if the total order shipping weight increases 500 grams, we will notify the customers by email about additional charges. Sample price list for few countries are mentioned in the table below. For other countries, customers can contact us.

Economy Shipping Tariff (7 to 15 days)
CountryFirst 500 GramsAdditional 500 Grams
 (In Indian Rupees)(In Indian Rupees)
United Kingdom850200
Sri Lanka600250

International Orders

  • The charges mentioned below for international orders is only for weight upto 500 grams. The number of items which can be combined in the above weight depends on the items bought. On completion of order, the actual weight will be taken and if its possible to ship the order in same weight it will be done. Incase if the shipping weight increases above specified limit and if its not possible to combine the items, then a separate invoice will be sent for the difference in shipping charges for additional weight because automatic weight calculation is not enabled online.

  • Registered Air Mail takes 15 - 25 days time to deliver the package and the charges are INR550 (At present this method is not used due to problems in tracking)
  • Registered Speed Post takes 7 to 20 days time to deliver the package and the charges are INR1190 for Zone one and INR1520 for Zone Two Countries.
  • DHL Express takes 3 to 5 days to deliver the package and the charges are INR1995
  • You can choose the mode of shipping at checkout.