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  1. Smooth Thali Kodi Gold Mugappu Chain Design 24 Inches Offer Sale C25178Smooth Thali Kodi Gold Mugappu Chain Design 24 Inches Offer Sale C25178
    Smooth Thali Kodi Gold Mugappu Chain Design 24 Inches Offer Sale C25178
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Most Beautiful Mangalsutra Chain 

A Mangalsutra chain is a traditional Indian piece of jewelry worn by married women as her pride. It keeps Indian cultural and religious moments and is usually considered a symbol of marital status. The main word "Mangalsutra" comes from the Sanskrit language, where "Mangal" means more promising or holy, and the second word "Sutra" means thread. 

Jewelsmart Futuristic Mangalsutra Chain Designs:-

  • Mangalsutras chain is typically necklaces with a black or gold chain. The pendant of the Mangalsutra is a central and essential element, often crafted with unique metal and black beads.
  • The Jewelsmart mangalsutra can have many designs, including traditional symbols like the oval shape, beautiful flowers, or holy Indian symbols like Swastik. 


  • This mangalsutra chain is mostly finished with black beads, artificial gold, or sometimes a combination of both.
  • The mangalsutra pendant is usually created from antique gold and may include gemstones or other stunning decorative elements.
  • Traditionally crafted in Artificial gold, variations can be found in other materials like silver, or platinum.


  • The Mangalsutra chain carries traditional cultural and religious sense in Hindu traditions. It symbolizes the holy bond of marriage and the well-being of the husband. 
  • A Mangalsutra chain usually consists of black beads interspersed with antique gold or metal elements.
  • The Magalsutra chain design can be simple to classic Indian, with different patterns and motifs adorning the chain.
  • The pendant, known as the "Mangalsutra locket," is often attached to the chain and may feature religious symbols or geometric designs.


  • Mangalsutra chains are typically worn close to the neckline, and their length can vary based on personal preference and cultural norms.
  • Standard lengths range from 16 to 24 inches, but we give custom lengths can also be made to suit individual preferences.

Easy to Care:-

  • Due to their holy sense and regular wear, Mangalsutra chains need proper care and occasional cleaning to keep their appearance.
  • The Mangalsutra is not just a piece of jewelry; it carries Indian cultural, religious, and emotional touches in marriages. It is a desired symbol representing the commitment and love shared between a husband and wife.

Here are Some Advantages of the Mangalsutra Chain:-

Indian Cultural Significance:- The mangalsutra chain symbolizes the holy bond of Indian marriage and is considered a piece of auspicious jewellery. Wearing it is a way to honor and uphold cultural traditions.

Identification as a Married Woman:- In Indian society, the mangalsutra serves as a visible symbol that identifies the wearer as a married woman, commanding respect and signifying her marital status.

Investment Value:- Since the mangalsutra chain is often made of gold or precious stones, they can hold significant investment value and can be passed down as heirlooms from one generation to the next.

Mangalsutra Chain FAQs:-

What is the recommended length for a Mangalsutra?

Traditionally, the length of a Mangalsutra chain was designed to long to the bride's heart chakra, situated in the center of the spine near the heart. Therefore, the ideal chain length is typically advised to be within the range of 24-30 inches.

Which kind of mangalsutra is ideal? 

The Flower Bloom design and traditional mangalsutra piece are great for both the perfectionist and the working ladies, and it is one of the most outstanding mangalyam varieties.

At present which metal is the most suitable for a mangalsutra chain?

As it represents happiness and love, choose an antique gold mangal sutra that looks more like a vintage piece. If you don't want a lot of shine for your everyday look, Rose gold is another excellent metal for a mangal sutra. Apart from these, browse the wide collection of Temple Jewellery, long necklace, jhumka earrings, light weight gold pendant set, and gold plated bangles.

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