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What is Vaddanam?

Vaddanam, or hip chain is a waist chain worn by south Indian women for traditional occasions. It is referred to with various terms such as Vaddanam, oddiyanam, belly chains, Sonta Patti, Daabu, or a waist chain. People in north India refer to it as Kamarbandh.

Though termed differently in different regions of India, its importance is the same! Vaddanams symbolizes the elegance of the bride, sometimes, it is the heirloom gifted to the bride by her mother or grandmother! 

Any south Indian marriage without a bride wearing Vaddanam, the heaviest ornament worn, is next to impossible as it is considered as a status symbol in South India.

Vaddanam Designs at Jewelsmart

Jewelsmart brings you the latest collection of Vaddanam models that you’d love! 

There are types of Vaddanam designs such as 

  • Plain Gold Vaddanams
  • Temple Jewellery Vaddanams
  • Ashta Lakshmi Vaddanam
  • Kundan Vaddanams
  • Gaja Lakshmi Vaddanam
  • Floral Vaddanam
  • Sleek Vaddanam
  • Uncut Diamond Vaddanams.

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